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Solar Sales and Installation

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Sacramento, Placer, El Dorado, Nevada, San Joaquin, Yuba, Sutter and Yolo Counties

Residential Solar Power Systems Save Energy and Money

Whether your goal is to save money on your electric bill, reduce dependence or minimize your carbon footprint, Green Keepers Energy has a residential solar power solution that meets your energy-saving needs and is friendly to your wallet. We design and install solar panel systems for homes all over Northern California, and local to Sacramento, Placer and El Dorado  counties.

Why Go Solar

Our goal is to help you understand how different solar energy systems work, assist you in identifying the right system for your needs and install a system on your home that is aesthetically pleasing, reliable and built to last. Our comprehensive services address all stages and aspects of installing and maintaining a residential solar power system and are designed to give you the most cost effective, efficient energy solution for your home.

  • Lower your monthly utility bills and hedge against future rate hikes by utility companies.
  • Extend your swimming season (link to ‘Learn about solar’) without using expensive electric/gas heat pumps/water heaters
  • Capitalize on federal tax credits and state, local and utility company rebates and incentives (link to ‘Financing/Incentives’) while they are available
  • Energy-independence starts at home – solar offers an affordable means of reducing dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil right NOW.
  • Environmentally friendly – reduce your carbon footprint
  • Our systems are durable and designed to provide decades of free energy with virtually no maintenance

What is photovoltaics a.k.a. PV (solar electric)?

Photovoltaics or “PV” provides electricity when specially formulated materials, most commonly silicon, produce an electric current when exposed to light.

Most people think of PV as a technology used by NASA for satellites or on small power products such as calculators and watches.While this is true, the PV industry has expanded markets and individual buildings also take advantage of this power source. A rooftop PV system reduces a building’s demand for electricity from the utility line. A PV system on an office building could be used to offset peak demand electricity use, such as mid-day in the summer when air conditioning is used.

Since PV systems have few moving parts, they require little maintenance. The components are designed to meet strict reliability and durability standards so that they can withstand the elements. Many PV panels have a life expectancy of thirty years or more! Although the initial cost for a PV system can be relatively high, by taking advantage of available financing, rebates and tax credits, a complete system will pay for itself in a short time. Utilities are starting to realize the benefit of having electrical demand reduced and some offer incentives to the building owner to install a PV system.

Photovoltaic cells produce electricity from light not heat, so PV systems can be sized to perform very effectively and cost-efficiently anywhere in the world. Green Keepers Energy are experts in identifying the kind of system that would best suit your needs.