Founded 2013

License #870321

Solar Sales and Installation

Self sufficant energy systems and designs

Sacramento, Placer

El Dorado Counties

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Green Keepers Energy provides commercial solar energy solutions that allow properties of all sizes and functions have access to reduced sustainable energy,  eliminating or reducing electricity expenses with little or no upfront cost.

Green Keepers Energy specializes in large-scale solar thermal and photovoltaic systems designed to offer maximum energy savings and a long service life offers a comprehensive range of commercial solar services that enable you to rely on a single partner at every stage of the design build process, from the initial site analysis to monitoring energy production of your custom solar panel system.  By taking this holistic approach, we reduce the amount of time and energy our customers spend managing each step of the process, ensuring we deliver the most cost effective, efficient commercial solar panel systems.

Your sustainable energy solution can be handled by one industry-leading company start to finish

We consider your properties energy usage our problem to solve. Offering sound analysis and optimal solutions, we provide your company as many sensible solutions that make good economical sense. Our strategies, expertise, and comprehensive planning will assure your companies concern with their choice in sustainable energy companies. Looking out for what’s best for our clients and their property is our company credo. This allows you to stay focused on your own operations while we eliminate your electricity costs and secure your future energy needs for years and years to come.